Interior Decorating & Design

Interior Decorating & Design is our new space for you to view mood boards we have created.

Mood boards enable you to see how decorating can compliment your main pieces of furniture and tie your whole room together. Inspire yourself by looking through our gallery below or book an appointment today to discuss your home over a cup of coffee in our design showroom.

Inspired by Cape Town, this mood board brings a subtle feel of the vivacious African energy. Gorgeous rugs together with vibrant wallpaper and unique wall art create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Looking to renovate your investment property but your budget is pretty tight? Here are some simple tricks that will bring a wow effect and unique experience for your guests without breaking the bank.

The highlight of this setting is our Harlequin Samara Collection Wallpaper that brings just enough effect to draw your attention and boost the atmosphere without interrupting a clean and harmonised ambience. Zepel’s block-out curtain fabric keeps the sun away when you want to relax and enjoy in our great Stressless Nordic recliner. With some greenery involved, this setting is a perfect choice for a beach house or condo.

If you are after Hampton’s Style decoration or furniture, we have the perfect pieces for your home. From fabrics to wallpaper, Casual Hampton’s sofas, cushions, wall art or ceramic pieces. Ask as about Hampton’s Style next time you are browsing our showroom.

Sometimes we need to make our libraries and home offices more engaging. Green and naturals are always great picks as they will keep our concentration on a high level and create a stimulating environment for all the time that we spend there.

We can provide a significant range of distinct pieces when it comes to Industrial interior design solutions, including this amazing school locker wallpaper.

Feminine and stylish; our latest mood-board celebrates spring and elegance. Featuring a beautiful wallpaper as the backdrop to a cozy sofa with contrasting vibrant fabric creates a chic ambience with a cheerful vibe.

The focus of this mood board is our one-off dining suite Fjord, designed in Norway. This setting is paired with an amazing, statement watercolour wallpaper from the Kallianthi Collection by Clarissa Hulse which creates a soft and moody atmosphere. Featured textiles and cushions belong to the same Kallianthi Collection.